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    Help needed for operating Servo Motor.

    Dear All, I have a servo motor. I am unable to recognize it as I don't have any of it's data. Couldn't find details of this motor on internet too. Kindly help me in following questions. Is it a single phase or three phase motor ? Output Power mentioned on motor is 500W. What are the...
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    ICs for Isolated 24 to 48V 3Amp Boost Converter

    Dear Members, I want to design 24 to -48V 3 Amp Isolated Switch mode Boost converter. I am searching ICs to design. Kindly suggest some ICs. Thanks in advance.
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    HC-09 Bluetooth Module Address AT Command

    Dear Members, I am using HC-09 Bluetooth module. Is there any AT command throug which I can get Bluetooth ID of that particular module. I am talking about Bluetooth ID which looks like as 01:15:E4:0C:6F:AD Thanks in advance. Best Regards
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    ETD 49 TRansformer Calculation

    Dear All, I have following issues in SMPS Inverter. I am making a 1KVA system.Is ETD-49 enaugh for 24V to 350V DC-DC Boost Converter working @ 40KHz Push-Pull ? What are the steps to calculate number of turns for high frequency transformer ? How to calculate guage of wire ? Thanks in...
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    L6386 High side driver not working

    Hi, Help needed in L6386 based Full bridge. I have copied circuit from ST application notes containig L6386 based IGBT Driver. Lower side driver of ICs is working fine but waveform is not appearing at both high side pins. Voltages on each pin are fine. Need advices to solve this issue ...
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    Nexys 2 Board LCD Help

    I am new to FPGAs I need help to display an string on 16x2 alphanumaric LCD on NEXYS 2 board. I need step by step aproach from begning of the project in Xylinx ISE suit. Thanks in advance. Regards gapoo

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