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  1. blankk

    Is there a way to take an entire component off of the tCream layer?

    I don't want to modify the library part if possible - is there another way?
  2. blankk

    Any experience on PCBA prototype?

    Recently i made a DY project about the water pump, i designed the PCB by myself, but it is really hard for me to source the related components, when purchasing 5 pcs, the price form digikey/mouser really expensive, and it makes me furious in soldering the small components, is there anyway, or...
  3. blankk

    how to export the pick and place file from KiCAD?

    As the title asked, I don't know how to export a pick and place .txt file from the PCB design software KiCAD Is there any guiding step? Thanks
  4. blankk

    A quickly, cheaper and professional PCB assembly service from China only $37.5

    https://obrazki.elektroda.pl/9829231300_1478707463.png https://www.elecrow.com/services/5pcs-2-layer-pcb-2324.html

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