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    hi elton, I think it is worth doing it,i am interested in this project but all i have is PC with linux/win2k would that suffice or would it require some extra hardware? pimr
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    remove noise from ecg signal with matlab filtering

    matlab remove noise hi, you can get matlab programs for generating ECG using the link given below **broken link removed** as far as adding noise is concerned you can generate simple 50hz sinusoidal wave from matlab and add...
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    Looking for good tutorial/book for spectral estimation

    Re: spectral estimation hi, basically the problem is to find the frequencies present in the signal for this various spectrum estimation methods are used which try to estimate the frequencies of the incoming signal. a good intoduction can be found in book "digital signal processing" by...
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    Whats the advantage in choosing ether TI or ADI DSP ?

    Re: TI or ADI's DSP ?? hi, well that is a debatable issue! personally i find ti better becaus their support is better although they have somewhat complicated architecture but it can be utilized for better performance once u r through with it. ti chips generally consume less power and also...
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    Looking for a source doe for h.264 encoder

    h.264 reference code hi, could anyone post a link or upload source code for h.264 encoder other than what is provided by the h.264 committe which is given below http://iphome.hhi.de/suehring/tml/download/ i heard there was reference implementation by fraunhafer institute could...
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    Need information about the radar processing

    Re: About Radar processing hi, u can study a book on radar by skolonik,there is another good book on radar and optimum signal processing by van trees it is available in eda books upload/download section. basically we find the cross correlation between...
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    What is a Median Filter ?

    hi, check this discussion pimr
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    Deblocking and Deringing.

    hi, i am uploading a paper on deblocking filter as used in mpeg4-10.Generally blocking artefacts come due to block based motion compensation to remove them one uses deblocking filters. when sharp cutoff filters are used ringing occurs to prevent this filters are chosen which have smooth...
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    Is Median Filter a type of shift-invariant system?

    Re: Median Filter hi, try this link for understanding what a median filter is **broken link removed** it is not a linear filter and therefore does not use convolution which means that even if you have its impulse response(i don't know if it exists!) you won't be able to apply usual signal...
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    Is Median Filter a type of shift-invariant system?

    Re: Median Filter hi, no it is not a time invariant system. pimr
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    How to encode/decode a jpg or avi using Vector Quantization?

    Re: Vector Quantization hi, u can get the source code of jpeg on the link given below https://www.ece.uvic.ca/~mdadams/jasper/ and you can get specs of jpeg here **broken link removed** you also need to study image processing if you dont know that! good book to start is "digital...
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    How to encode/decode a jpg or avi using Vector Quantization?

    Re: Vector Quantization hi, both jpeg and avi have their own file formats and a standard set of algorithms are defined for decoding them.If you will use your own algorithm file may no longer be jpeg or avi compatible and hence decoder may not be able to decode it. I think you can go for...
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    Help me with image matching using Matlab 6.5

    Re: Image Matching hi, what u r talking about would be possible by using techniques of image recognition. you may require neural networks etc. for that.u can go to "matlab central" on web(google it) and search for image u'll get lot of software in matlab for this also neural network toolbox...
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    mp3 decorder ic uses bitstream format. why?

    hi, bitstream is same as binary file!bitstream also consists of bits which have a certain syntax associated to it(mp3 synatax) which is decoded by mp3 decoder. pimr
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    discrete-time linear convolution

    hi, what is the length of signal x(n)? if that is not infinity or if it is zero after some duration you can implement standard convolution.If it is infinity then you can choose some energy measure and cut-off the signal after that point as it would be finite duration u can implement standard...
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    down-sampler & up-sampler

    hi, they are linear but not time invariant.As up sampling and downsampling operators both operate on time they do not affect scaling. pimr
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    What is the audio mono mix/and sterero?

    hi, audio mono mix stands for single audio component for both the ears. i.e. both left as well as right speakers would give you the same sound which is not so in case of real life where your left and right ears are located at different position in space and hence sound that comes to you is...
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    Difference between DFT and DTFT

    dtft dft I think both of them discretize time domain as DFT is sampled version of DTFT. DTFT is continuous in "frequency" but discrete in time and DFT is discrete in both time as well as frequency. pimr
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    In-phase component and Quadrature component

    hi, basically you are trying to decompose a signal into a vector space having basis function as cos and sin which are orthogonal to each other. It is like having a co-ordinate system say you have defined two axes as x and y...
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    What is the clustering analysis ?

    Re: Clustering analysis hi, try this for getting basic idea **broken link removed** there is a book on "pattern classification" by richard duda u can go through it for details. also try google with cluster analysis or pattern recognition u'll find lots of useful links...

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