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  1. firmware

    How to do multi tasking on AVR ?

    Hi...all, Any body ever made a Multi tasking on AVR by AVRStudio and WINAVR ? Let's joint to share know-how. :D
  2. firmware

    How to make a basic scheduler?

    Hi All, Have anybody ever make the basic scheduler ? I'm interest to make it. But no idea, how to start ?
  3. firmware

    The best RTOS for AVR

    Any one that ever use the RTOS for AVR, pls suggest me the best one that for GCC complier.
  4. firmware

    RTX51 Tiny (Real-time embedded prgram)

    All, Anyone that ever use RTX51 Tiny real-time embedded programing pls help me. I have confuse the difference point between os_wait, os_wait1 and os_wait2. What the difference point of 3 function ? When we should use os_wait, os_wait1 and os_wait2 ?
  5. firmware

    Link more than one microcontroller to PC

    Hi...all, I need to link more than one microcontroller to PC by using one serial port, but i have no idea, how to do it ? normally I ever use only one microcontroller 89C52 to in terface with serial port rs232, for this project need more longer distance about 200m. Any body have some idea, pls...
  6. firmware

    The features of microcontrollers

    Everybody. Why you like the microcontroller ? What the microcontroller give you ?
  7. firmware

    How to solve the problem of unstable ADC values?

    ADC Hello everybody... I'm new member for this weboard. I have some problem about the ADC of microcontroller, I make the temperature measurement project by using the thermister (NTC), it is OK. But some time the ADC value is not so stable, I try to improve hardware by add the filter. But not...

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