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    exponential delay on/off transition?

    Hi everyone, I would like to apply an exponential time delay to an current source that i model using verilog-a using Cadence. I would like something like the transition operator but with emponential delay not a linear. One more thing is that I want the on time delay to be different than the off...
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    HSPICE errors when simulating LT6004 opamp

    .ends card missing at reading hspice Hello i use HSPICE and want to use the opamp: LT6004. I have donwloaded the spice model from manufactures site (https://www.linear.com/pc/productDetail.jsp?navId=H0,C1,C1154,C1009,C1021,P29313) but i got the errors: **error**...
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    OPAMP as an integrator with low inpuit ranges (1uA)

    OPAMP as an integrator Hello is there any OPAMP that i can use as an integrator which can have low inpuit ranges? Even for 1uA?? I have used the OP-7c in HPSICE but it can handle currents only above 20mA..
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    HSpice AvanWaves 2005-03 and 2007-03 crash on Windows XP

    Hello i was using the version 2003-03Sp1 without a problem. But i have instlled two newer versions : 2005-03 and 2007-3 and when i press to open the AvanWaves it crashes. The simulation is working fine. I have installed this versions to another computer and the wroking fine too. My computer is...
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    Labview & Hameg 8112-3

    hameg 8112-3 Hello, i want to use Hameg 8112-3 multimeter with my labview 6.1. Is there any ready driver, vi? Is there any tutorial how to build one??
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    HSpice and Current Source depented from Voltage

    .. i want to enter a rational exponent to the Voltage that is depented from the current source? is that possible? using the symbol ^ isnt correct as i tried.. Added after 34 minutes: i think i find it.. i have to use double star : **
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    Help me learn using AIM-Extract program

    aim-extract Has anybody managed to use this program ? I tried for some poly-Si TFT that i found in IEEE but i dont get good results

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