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    Help me simulate circuit with 6n136 optocoupler

    need to run a simulation for a circuit that contains the optocoupler 6n136 can any one help... thx
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    Isolation problems in transmitting analog signal optically

    for isolation purposes, i need to transmit an analog signal optically, i know that there's photodiodes and phototransistors that can be connected using a fibre optic but i cant find any ..can any one give me a link to the datasheet of sush a thing ..
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    Help me build AVR USB programmer

    i want to build an AVR in-system-programmer that connects to PC through the USB...can help?
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    need a good c compiler for PICs

    i need a good c compiler for PIC microcontroller, and if posible with a reliable code wizard.....thx
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    need help with orcad10.5

    Vstim is not woking, the changes made the (Edit -> Pspice stimulus ) are not affecting the Vstim..

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