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    different transient and ac analysis results

    Hi I have simulated an amplifier using spectre. But when I want to calculate the low-cutoff frequency of the amplifier, it seems that the transient and ac analysis shows different responses. What is the problem? Is it about the simulation settings?
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    post layout simulation using spectre

    Hi I know how I can extract my layout using calibre. My first question is that what should be the format of extracted netlist (calibreview, ELDO, Spectre, ....) if I want to do my post layout simulation using spectre? Also I want to know how should I do post layout simulation or how can I make...
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    process variation in advanced technologies

    Is the absolute and relative variation of process increased in advanced technologies or not? Does the answer is different if the technology assign for minimum energy sub-Vt circuits? In analog design, it says that the matching of elements improve in advanced technologies. Does it mean that the...
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    references on sub-threshold logic design

    Can any one refer me some good references on design and implementation of Flip-Flops, XOR and MUX in subthreshold?
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    ADC dynamic parameters test

    Hi In testing the SNDR specification for an analog to digital converter, how can we choose the input signal amplitude, if the input dynamic range is limited? should the input signal amplitude force to the full-scale anyway, or it can be reduced, achieving a better dynamic specification?
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    Issue about testing lumped JFET devices

    Why in lumped JFET devices, testing with diode mode of multimeter, the gate-source junction shows higher voltage than the gate-drain junction?
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    Queue Based Digital background calibration technique

    Hi In “A 12-bit 80-MSample/s pipelined ADC with bootstrapped digital calibration Grace, C.R.; Hurst, P.J.; Lewis, S.H.; Solid-State Circuits, IEEE Journal of “ In first paragraph of the second page says: “Applying a queue with one SHA to a pipelined ADC requires that fc (conversion...
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    Noise in close loop amplifier configuration

    What is the effect of feedback factor on the input referred (to the system input) noise of an opamp in a close loop negative feedback configuration? It will be so good if you can explain the effect reasonably.
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    Implement a random bit generator

    Hi How can I design and implement a serial random bit generator in gate or circuit level.
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    CS-CMFB reference voltage

    Hi I want to know is there any specific methodology for making or driving the reference voltage of a "Switched Capacitor Common Mode Feedback" circuit in designing an operational amplifier on not? My problem is that, by using a simple "MOS Diode" configuration for making this voltage, the...
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    accuracy and output resistance of a current mirror

    Hi In the architectures like "simple current mirror" and "High Swing Cascode" Vds of the mirror transistors is not constant and so we say that we have an output resistance and so the mirror is not accurate. But for the architectures like "Cascode Current mirror" and "Improved High Swing...

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