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    pendrive - ist there a scheme?

    pendrive the pendrive usb hd function under windws nt or not have we some shceme of it plese?
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    ode for the chim magic2 for the modchip for playstation2

    is ot? maybe ot this is the code for the chim magic2 for the modchip for playstation2
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    Looking for equivalent components of LM1881 and AD810

    can anyone tell me if exist equivalent component of lm1881 (video sync separator) of national semiconductors and ad 810 (low power current feedback video amp with disable ) because in italy I don't found it thank's for all
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    bootloader for 16f876a

    16f876a bootloader why the bootloader for 16f876 don't funciton on 16f876a, anyone could help me please the pic is for 1 robot board thanks
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    where can I find the full cd online of elektor 2000, 2001

    elektor where I could found the full cd online of elektor 2000,2001,2002 thank's

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