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    Can't print schematic with Eagle 4.09!

    Eagle 4.09r2 has always worked OK for me but suddenly its impossible to print a schematic. Everything looks OK on the screen. When I print all IC outline and all components are OK but all text, ICpinnumber, componentidentity and value is only black boxes. Is there anyone on this board who knows...
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    Erase memory with UV-light

    hobby uv eraser Hi Tried to erase a eprom 27c64 trough the window with UV-light from a "sun-lamp". The lightsource works well to make PCB with photores. Distans from lamp 25 cm. Time 1 hour. BUT NOTHING HAPPENS IN THE MEMORY. Its still programmed with old info instead of all High or all Low...
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    Problems with Eagle Autorouting

    eagle autorouting Hi I connect IC-sockets with yellow lines from layer 19 in a very simple design to test autorouting. Then I click Autorout icon. Autorouter set up window pops up. There is top - bottom - all other layers N/A. I click OK and my screen flashes 2-3 times. After that I can read...
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    3 phase motor variable speed

    variable speed 3-phase motors circuit Does anyone knows where to find schematic for triac or tyristor control of electrical 3 phase motors 5KW. Rgds Ludvig
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    Looking for circuit diagram for Sharp fax F3600M.

    Looking for circuit diagram for Sharp fax F3600M. Mvbrgds Ludvig

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