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    Current on my voltage regulator

    Hi, I have a voltage regulator with 13.8V and 4-6A output. I measured the voltage output using my multimeter by tapping to positive and negative terminals, to make the output is 13.8V, and it does. How can I measure the current output to make sure the current out is 4-6? Thank you.
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    current out measuring of a mobile charger

    Hello, if I know the ratings on my charger and battery, is there a formula to get current flowing? Thank you so much.
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    Question about cellphone charger

    If I know the ratings of the charger and the battery, is there are formula to get the current?
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    Question about cellphone charger

    Thank you. These are Li batteries. On the first battery, do you know why .420 amp not 1 amp? Thanks.
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    Question about cellphone charger

    Hi, I measured the amperage on my cellphone charger. I measured 2 different cellphones with 2 different batteries. The output of the charger is 5v 1 amp. The first battery has 3.7v 1 amp. I measured .420 amp while charging. The second battery has 3.7v 1.4 amp. I measure .980 amp while...

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