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    Speed control of exhaust fan using pic16f877a

    how do i use pic16f877a for controlling speed of exhaust fan(single phase) .... is there any tutorial.. please help...........
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    Conversion of LabVIEW code to Embedded C

    Is it possible to convert LabVIEW code to embedded C.I want to use it in burning the program in 8051 microcontroller.....
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    what do we require 4-20 mA current out in process control

    I am acquiring temp.& Humidity from RTD and HIH-4000 sensors... now i need to control the temperature & humidity accordingly using actuators(Fan,Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers). Some one told me that i need a current output module(4-20mA) for this... can someone please explain what is use of 4-20...
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    interfacing VFD drives with PLC

    how do i interface a vfd drive(single phase induction motor) using a plc. 1. the application is i have a mixer chamber that is to be driven by single phase induction motor using vfd drive.so i need to control the speed of the motor to get desired results. 2. please mention what type...
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    how to control firing angle of triac using optocoupler

    controlling firing angle of triac using optocoupler and 8051
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    zero cross detector circuit

    how to make a zero crossing detector circuit using 8051
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    national instruments compact rio

    is anyone having an idea of national instruments compact rio system
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    switching on/off of exhaust fan with controller

    how to do switching on/off of ac exhaust fan (capacitor start capacitor run motor).... rating.... 40 w .... i=0.18 amps....... single phase 220v....................... actually i already did switching of a bulb using triac and 8051........ but i m not sure about this........
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    burning matlab code in a 8051 controller

    how to burn a matlab code in 8051 controller
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    displays used for displaying data from microcontroller

    what are the different methods of displaying data from a microcontroller (sensor data and control data obtained from a system)...... i have seen a few..... like lcd display, 7 segment display etc........ but confused ........ abt what to use and when to use......
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    adc 0809 c code for temperature sensor having 10 mv output

    adc 0809 c code for temperature sensor having 10 mv output
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    how to use instrumentation amplifier in amplifying 10 microvolts and send it to adc

    how to use instrumentation amplifier in amplifying 10 microvolts and send it to adc
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    producing electricity from plant leaves

    is it possible to generate few volts from leaves of any tree using electrodes
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    which are the best o2 gas sensor

    please help me with some links where i find oxygen senssors
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    sensor placement in a particular unit

    which temperature and humidity sensors are must rugged and can be used even in dusty environments
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    control of single phase induction motor and fan through microcontroller

    it is possible to control single phase induction motor and a fan(220v ac) through microcontroller . if possible, what kind of relays should i use for each of them.
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    what is the basic difference between fpga and cpld

    how do i select a particular fpga for my application
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    [SOLVED] interfacing sensors with 8051

    how many sensors can i interface with a single 8051 microcontroller
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    Adc 0809 interfacing with 8051 microcontroller

    hello sir, I need to use 8051 microcontroller to control a ADC0809 to get value. I want someone to provide sample code in c as well as assembly and schematics(8051 and ADC0809). thanks in advance
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    problem Interfacing 16x2 lcs display with at89c51 microcontroller

    sir i have interface 16x2 lcd display with microcontroller at89c51 and it is working fine in proteus as well as keil compiler ... but when i m burning hex code and interfacing with my hardware i am not able to get the output .... i m posting my coding over here .... please help me out ... thanks...

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