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    Indicating off-board connection in OrCad LAYOUT

    I'm designing a daughter board using OrCad Layout (old, I know). The board has 2 40 pin connectors at opposite ends. Both connectors have VCC net connections to the main board. The main board has the power supply and supplies VCC to multiple pins on each connector. I routed the board to use the...
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    Need to log in each day for some reason

    For the past few days, I've had to log in to the board each day where I have gone months and months without needing to. I check the remember me box but still need to log in the next day. Also, when I press the log in button, I receive an error message (Invalid Redirect URL...
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    Returning from sub-forum always go to the top

    When I go into a sub-forum and then return to the main forum page, I am always brought back up to the top of the screen (rather than the scroll point I entered at). For example, if I enter the "Proteus Design Suite - Simulation & PCB Layout" forum and then go back out, I am at the top of the...
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    Labcenter Forum

    I have a question regarding the Labcenter Forums. I will probably be purchasing Proteus next year if my budget request is approved. Since I am not a current customer, I only have access to 3 sub-forums on the Labcenter site; ISIS Schematic Capture, VSM and Simulation, and ARES PCB Design. Can...

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