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    TSMC physical library problem?

    could u plz tell me whether the phantom gds can go though the entire design flow?
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    TSMC Design Kit of Artisan

    artisan design kit i have a TSMC/Artisan 0.18um Design Kit, i can find almost all files for design except the layout of dfII library for icfb(no standard cells layout found). i'd like to give me great appreciation for anyone who can tell me the reason. WAITING!!
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    SRAM Generator(or Memory Compiler) problem?

    tsmc memory compiler Can Artisan SRAM Generator for TSMC be run under Solaris of the Virtual Machine(just like VMWare)? as i know it is only for Solaris or HP-Unix, but i don't have the hardware platform of Sun Workstation or HP-Unix.
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    Can NVIDIA MMX 440 64M support 24bit colors on Redhat 7.3?

    IC 5.0 Install Problem My video card is NVIDIA MMX 440 64M,does it can support 24 bit color on redhat 7.3?
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    IC 5.0 Install Problem

    zcat: stdin: corrupt input cadence I install Cadence IC 5.0 on redhat 8.0,but it can't go ahead at 1%,the setup process show: ========================================= loading cdsJava01.31-p0011nx86........................ zcat:stdin:corrupt input. Failure detected dd:writing 'standard...

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