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    Unable to get external interrupts in pic18f452

    pull down rb0 with 10k resistor solved my problem with above code
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    Looking for a motion sensor circuit

    Re: Motion sensor dear malik_123 dear maijaz99 plz tell me that what is voltage ratings for electrolyte capacitors of 10uF????? 16v or 50 volt??or???
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    microcntroller pic18f452 interfacing with rtc DS1307

    through serial communication with pc server
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    C code for interfacing DS1302 with PIC16F877

    I've made the schematic, but the simul inisis doesn't work. time is 00:00:00, and date 00:00:2000. can u help me pls? proteus7 ds1307 simulation only show time and date when i2c debugger connected.
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    code for DS1302 + LCD + PIC16f877a

    Re: code ds1302 plz semd me code plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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    /* ******************************************************************************* * PIC DIGITAL THERMOMETER USING A MICROCHIP MCP9700A ANALOG SENSOR ******************************************************************************* * * source code example for mikroC users * feel free to use...
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    display Temp reading on LCD

    can anyone give code for showing negative temperature for pic?
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    4 bit full adder in verilog

    This is code is for an simple asynchronous wrapping n-bit adder. By changing the value of n you can make it a 2, 4, … bit adder where n = <number of bits> - 1. f is the output register that will have the current value of the counter, cOut is the carry output. a & b are the number inputs and...

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