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    Help needed to analyse given circuit - equation of gain

    Can You Help Me? Hi bro can you helpme to analyst this circuit? tanx
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    How to make the isolated power supply

    Isolated Power Supply ? Hi bro i need to know how to make the isolated power supply with output voltage +- 12v, 1A and the power source use a batteray, can anyone help me to make this things? tanx b4
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    (ASK) Noise cancellation - how to make it? any circuits?

    ask noise hi bro, do you know about and what's Noise Cancellation? do you know how to make it?anybody have the circuits?cause really needed to remove the noise from our body, just i know our body is like antenna so our body receive all frequency arround us.i know this can mess up the signal of...
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    how i can design my own ic GAL ? what software and hardware

    ASK GAL how i can design my own ic GAL ? what's the software and hardware must i need it? tanx
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    Online Passive Components Catalog

    Component Catalog hi bro i want a component catalog like resistor and capacitor or elco.i really need that so i can find the component that selled in the market.where i can get it if somebody have it please share it with me. tanx before
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    digital potentiometer- potentiometer nr shows in 7 segment

    digital potentiometer hai bro i want make digital potentiometer use similiar part and design. the number of potentiometer show in 7 segmen but not with microprocessor. if somebody know about this please share with me. tanx
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    need help please... (ECG)

    ad624 ecg hai bro i need help for this project. i've find the design of ecg project from site : https://www.picotech.com/applications/ecg.html but i can't find the IC is AD624 but i found the AD620.by the way i don't know how to make it with AD620, can you tell me how to make this project with...

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