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  1. J

    A Method For Simulating Switched Charged Conductors

    Just in case anyone else is interested in the subject of simulating switched charged conductors (with "conventional" EM simulators that lack an explicit capability for it), I found a paper describing a general technique for a work-around method here.
  2. J

    Issues With CST Eigenmode Solvers

    Has anyone been using the Eigenmode solvers in CST MWS 2011? Successfully? I wanted to check out the new solver that uses a tetrahedral mesh, so I simulated a helical resonator with it, thinking a helix would be a good structure to test tetrahedral meshing. After about 30 minutes of spinning...
  3. J

    Anyone have the ability (e.g., systran or other installed s/w) to translate a pdf?

    Hello, I'm wondering if anyone can translate a pdf written in Chinese? I tried using Google translate, but it messes up the formatting so much as to make the translation basically useless. Maybe an installed version of Systran will work better? The pdf is attached if someone won't mind...
  4. J

    Has anyone used the transient solver in HFSS v13?

    So you have HFSS v13? The problem is, I don't have it, so there's not a lot I can help you with, since it's a new feature which I've never used before.
  5. J

    A problem with maxwell

    Hi Lucy, Quite a while ago I had the same question that you do; and, after looking through all the documentation, I could find no way to make the software account for the number of turns when calculating the inductance matrix. It seems strange that such a simple, useful feature would be absent...
  6. J

    Has anyone used the transient solver in HFSS v13?

    I'm trying to find out: Will HFSS v13 directly simulate switched charged conductors, where you would specify a static voltage on a conductor somewhere as an initial condition for example? Does anyone know?
  7. J

    A problem with maxwell

    IIRC, Maxwell gives you the inductance/turn^2, so if you have 200 turns, you would multiply the Maxwell result by 200^2 (40,000) to get the inductance of your coil.
  8. J

    Maxwell 14 - Simple 2D Electrostatic Problem - What's wrong with the field plot?

    Just to do a quick test of Ansoft Maxwell 14, I decided to run a very simple 2D problem from the v12 User's Guide - a coaxial capacitor - in a "cylindrical about Z" geometry. Following the steps in the guide, I set up and ran the problem...which took only a few minutes...and got the correct...
  9. J

    Dissipation Factor For Ceramic Capacitors With Y5U Dielectric

    I'm trying to estimate the power losses in a voltage multiplier built with cheap ceramic capacitors (which I believe are designated as "Y5U"). Unfortunately, the only spec I've been able to find on dissipation factor is < 2.5% @ 1.0 kHz. But what is it at 10 kHz or 20 kHz? Does anyone have any...
  10. J

    Looking For Info On Coaxial (TEM) Horn Antennas

    Does anyone know of any papers on the subject of a coaxial horn antenna (e.g., analysis, design) such as that depicted in fig. 2 of the following linked paper? Thanks. https://www.cpdee.ufmg.br/~fernando/artigos/eucap09.pdf
  11. J

    HFSS v13 - has it been released yet?

    Thanks for the replies. Does anyone know if v13 can directly simulate a switched charged conductor, e.g., the switching of a blumlein pulser?
  12. J

    HFSS v13 - has it been released yet?

    I'm not sure what you mean by an "add on". By "included", I meant available in this release as a separately licensed feature (just like the various solvers in CST Studio Suite are). I suppose I should have worded it differently. In any case, have they started shipping it yet? And does anyone...
  13. J

    HFSS v13 - has it been released yet?

    Does anyone know if HFSS v13 has been released yet? (Supposedly v13 includes a new time domain solver).
  14. J

    Linear induction accelerators made from pulse-line cavities [...]- paper by Ian Smith

    Re: Req. For Paper Well we've been doing that for years. It's not allowed anymore?
  15. J

    Linear induction accelerators made from pulse-line cavities [...]- paper by Ian Smith

    I'm wondering, can anyone get the following paper? Thanks. Rev. Sci. Instrum. 50, 714 (1979); doi:10.1063/1.1135905 (5 pages) Linear induction accelerators made from pulse-line cavities with external pulse injection Ian Smith
  16. J

    Ansoft Maxwell vs. CST EMS

    Well I found the paper I was looking for, but it's a chapter from a book. It's a chapter from the book "High-Power Electronic Systems". If you want it I could PM it to you.
  17. J

    Ansoft Maxwell vs. CST EMS

    Hmmm, I don't really know what to tell you, but let me think out loud: Maybe you'll be using a discreet voltage or current port to drive an arrangement of conductors with a geometry representative of the physical situation? And the main question is, what should the excitation pulse look like...
  18. J

    Ansoft Maxwell vs. CST EMS

    Are you talking about a "frozen wave generator" of some sort, e.g., where you have a spark gap switch between two charged conductors above a ground plane, and when the spark gap fires, the conductors radiate a high power RF pulse whose wavelength depends on the length of the conductors? Or is...
  19. J

    HFSS-TD: A new product from Ansoft

    Wow I've been waiting for something like that! If they do it right, I could see that software putting a dent in CST's market share. I wonder when they'll have it ready to market?
  20. J

    XFDTD v7 - How user friendly is it?

    I experimented with an earlier version of it a few years ago, and as I recall it was generally cumbersome and not very intuitive. I'm wondering, is v7 any better? How user friendly is the geometry editor?

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