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    Sequential Equivalence Checking (RTL vs RTL)

    Hi, is there any tool for RTL equivalence checking? Actually, I found only SLEC of Calypto Design Systems https://www.calypto.com/slecrtl.php Is there any alternative, in particular under some form of Academic license? Currently I am using Formality for RTL vs RTL equivalence checking but...
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    Remove sub-modules from synthesis result (Design Compiler)

    Hi! At the moment my standard synthesis script for Design Compiler is something like: set target_library "/opt/.../synopsys/synthesis/2008.09-SP3/libraries/syn/and_or.db" set link_library "* /opt/.../synopsys/synthesis/2008.09-SP3/libraries/syn/and_or.db" define_design_lib WORK -path ./WORK...
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    Bench-format translator from EDIF/ similar netlist formats

    .bench format translator Dear all, does exist a .bench-format translator from EDIF or similar netlist formats? I checked some ISCAS'89 or ITC'99 benchmark suites and in the file headers I found something like: # edf2bench v0.5 This maybe is a EDIF to BENCH translator. Thanks
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    Need a good manual which defines synthesis styles

    Synthesis manual Dear all, can you suggest me a good manual which defines synthesis styles?
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    Implicit FSM to explicit FSM conversion

    Dear all, does exist a procedure to convert implicit FSMDs (based on wait statements) to explicit FSMDs (based on switch-case statements)? For example i1 i2 i3 wait(clock = 1) i4 i5 i6 wait(clock = 1) i7 i8 has to be converted in state := A if (clock = 1) then switch (state) case...
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    Formality: netlist vs. netlist (or RTL vs. netlist)

    netlist vs netlist Dear all, I'd like to use Formality as follows: RTL DUV --> manipulation_tool --> DUV* (VHDL) (VHDL) | | | | v v...

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