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    need help Colour Maximite Computer

    need help Colour Maximite Computer I have a Colour maximite computer I need to check the PIC32 ColourMM Firmware I connect the PICKIT2 to the CON7 in the Maximite and a box message is PICkit2 voltage level error check target & retry operation I close the box and the next message from the PICkit...
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    Need help on the gbs8220

    Can any one tell me will the gbs8220 work on the C64 Computer or will I need to Add other project for it to work
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    Can I replace MOS6526 to a 6821

    Can any one help me can I replace the MOS 6526 with a 6821 - Peripheral Interface Adapter which pin do I need to connect to the MOS 6526 this is in the commodore64 computer If I can not use the 6821 which part can I replace the MOS 6526
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    need help on ULA6C001

    can any one give me ifo of the ULA6C001 for Z80 Spectrum I can not fine a PDF on the web site yhaoo or google
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    need help on a 3x4 key pad matrix

    I have a project Z80 mini board one input and one output the input has a 74LS244 which go to the Z80.rom,ram can I connect the key pad matrix to the input will it work or do I need a microcontroller project or project there is a schematic look at the input port I need to connect a key pad...
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    need a project of a scrolling led display

    need a 5x7 led dot matrix display with 10 pcs I have other parts the mm5450 any project will do with microcontroller is ok
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    need a microcontroller for a QVGA LCD

    Does anyone have any recommendations for microcontrollers with LCD controllers for QVGA (320x240) I have try on the web site for QVGA LCD to buy no luck in Australia all so I have a QVGA card as the connection are not the same and need a project microcontroller to display on a LCD Screen The...
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    need help to connect LCD

    I have a Schematic which I need to no how to connect to LCD there are 20 pin connection on the schematic and on the picture show the LCD connect. can any one help I can not get in contact with the person of this project this not my project there are more of the schematic
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    [SOLVED] need help on the schematic

    I have 2 picture of schematic can any one help me on parts all I no is that some of the schematic I have with the board use 5 pin network resistor 4k7 ,10k .1k on the keyboard schematic the crystal IC14 I need to no the MHZ and memory schematic a network resistor RN1 I need to no the resistor...
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    [SOLVED] need help on the dsPIC33FJ64GP802

    I have a dsPIC33FJ64GP802 and the PICKIT2 Programmer I made Adapter for the PICKIT2 1) pin 1 MCLR 2) pin 4 PGED 3) pin 5 PGEC 4) pin 8 VSS 5) pin 13 VDD this is the Adapter to the PICKIT2 I hope this right it my first time do I need to connect to pin28 AVCC and pin 27 AVSS I have program the...
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    [SOLVED] Need help on Power Supply for VCR and DVD

    I have remove my IFO as Easyrider83 was no help to me at all

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