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    design and implementation of stack pointer in a processor

    Re: design and implementation of stack pointer in a processo Used a adder(increment) and 2's complement circuit for decrement operation. Also used buffers and tristate devices for proper data flow-control Regards, Devang
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    design and implementation of stack pointer in a processor

    stack pointer design Dear Friends, Please give some hints regarding internal processor design materials and sites and how a processor is implemented on paper at-least. Even the most primitive design will be fine.Some material regarding the same will be most welcome. Thanks in advance Cheers...
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    Multi core Processor - information regarding multicore CPU

    Multi core Processor Hi all, Please provide some information regarding multicore architecture CPU and single core core CPU. Please provide some link to basic architechture differences and the pro and cons of both. thanks in advance Regards, Devang
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    Help me get some proofs in linear algebra

    please can any one provide me the proofs!!! Question: Denote a vector space of all functions f:R -> R which are infinetly differentiable by C^∞(R). This space is called the space of smooth functions. a. Show that C^∞ is infinite dimensional. b. Show that differentiation is a linear...
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    design and making of transformers for low power electronics

    Transformers Hi all, Can any body tell me the design and making of transformers for low power electronics application(i mean the steps) any guide or site links are welcome. Thanks and Regards, Devang
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    Need Assembler for 89S52 4kb of code

    Hello Friends, Can u suggest an assembly language compiler 89S52 for 4KB of assembly code which is available on the net. Thanx & best regards
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    The theory of MOSFET Switching

    Hello friends, Can anyone help me to get the theory of MOSFET Charachteristics & operating principle on the net. one more doubt what is hard & soft switching in the Mosfet. This i think is used for SMPS. please provide some solution(s) with details. Thanks in Advance Best Regards
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    Differences in MOSFET & IGBT

    differences of mosfet Dear friends, I want to use mosfet or IGBT for switching application at high power & high voltage can someone list me all the differences between the MOSFET & IGBT. Also LIST their advantages, disadvantages and features. Thanks in advance Best Regard.
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    noise immune microcontroller (8051 family)???

    But are there specially designed noise immune micro controller(8051 family )? or someother family which are highly immune to noise like RF & EMI? please do suggest some µC thanks
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    noise immune microcontroller (8051 family)???

    Dear friend, Its RF noise & EMI both. Its type of argon sparking environment. But there is no line noise thanks & Regards
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    noise immune microcontroller (8051 family)???

    microcontroller and noisy environment Hello friends, Can any one suggest a microcontroller which is highly immune to noise from 8051 family? I am currently using 89C2051 for my application but the circuit is to be placed in very noisy environment. Noise level is high. So please suggest a...
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    crystal oscillator of 89C2051

    Hello friends! I have connected VCC AND GND to µC 89C2051, connected power on reset ckt (10µF & 8.2k resistor)as well as the crystal with 33pF capacitor (as per the datasheet)but still i m not getting the output from crystal (i.e. any waveform on the crystal pins). i have also connected 100nF...
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    Looking for info about transformer design techniques

    Re: Transformer design thanks for the reply, I want to design a smps transformer so please suggest the basic and fundamental links/theory to design the same. Thanks & Best Regards
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    Looking for info about transformer design techniques

    Transformer design Hello friends, I want to learn the transformer design techniques & implement a transformer. Is there some short-cut that if we only electrical parameters i.e i/p & o/p voltage,i/p & o/p current and maximum frequency of operation we can get the core shape & material,no...
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    SKIN & Proximity effects

    hello friends, Can anyone explain skin effect and proxmity edffect in detail with mathematical details. or provide some useful links with regard to the same. Thanks
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    Help me implement a rectifier & control circuit with variable voltage input

    Hello friend, I want to implement a rectifier & controlcircuit with input variable voltage from90-270V current 3A & output should be 400VDC & output power to be 250W basically i need a line regulation as output must be constant at 400V & 250W Please suggest some design method/s Thanks in...
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    Generating a PWM signal from an analog input voltage ranging 0-10V

    eoc signal adc  PWM will be a building block in my power supply project. I have 400Vdc , 250Wpower as input i want to vary this DC voltage from 100VDC to 300VDC with coressponding analog contol input from 0 to 10V(source input current 50mA) i.e 0v-to 100v and so on. for this i need pwm so how...
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    Generating a PWM signal from an analog input voltage ranging 0-10V

    Hello Friends, Can any one suggest some digital circuit or microcontroller based PWM which takes a control voltage range from 0 to 10 volts and output a digitally controlled PWM signal. Thanks in Advance
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    How to make a variable power supply (100-400V) ?

    Re: Power supply help Dear friend, ---Ambient temperature for operation:0° to 60°C ---Input voltage as mentioned earlier is:400Vdc Regulated (which is the o/p of a PFC circuit). Currcnt o/p is 0.6 amps (240W) ---The control voltage is variable from 0Vdc to 10Vdc and would source 50mA. ---Size...
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    How to give a +5V or 0V as a input to 89C2051?

    Re: inputs to 89C2051??? Hello friends! Can u tell me how to give a +5V or 0V as a input to 89C2051? i want information on internal pull up facility i am not getting what is meant by pull up? Thanks Added after 1 hours 48 minutes: input is meant as to the port pins of port1 & port-3

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