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    OpenGL error on all remote PCs (Synopsys on server)

    ssh x-windows opengl is not available Application: Latest Synopsys Structured Data Editor (devise/sde) Server Machine: Sun SPARC V240 Server Server O/S: Solaris 9 Clients: Dell PCs running Windows XP Professional Windows Remote Connection: PuTTY SSH w/X11 forwarding enabled Windows X Windows...
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    IC5141 NCSU kit installation problem

    Does your .bashrc in the user's $HOME directory look something like this? ------------------ # .bashrc # User specific aliases and functions # Source global definitions if [ -f /etc/bashrc ]; then . /etc/bashrc fi # Path to Cadence topmost directory export...
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    Synopsys running on CentOS vs. Solaris 9 on Sun V240 SPARC??

    centos for sun v240 Actually, there is a beta version of CentOS for SPARC architecture, but when I looked at it, I decided it was not complete enough or stable enough for me to use in a research/training lab. I'll look into using vnc--thanks for that suggestion. Buying a new server is not an...
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    Synopsys running on CentOS vs. Solaris 9 on Sun V240 SPARC??

    centos on sun sparc Presently running Synopsys on a Sun V240 SPARC IIIi server and I'm thinking about wiping the drives and installing CentOS 4 in place of Solaris 9. Why? 1.)Can get the O/S patches without having to give Sun $800 for a support contract. 2.)Hope it will help solve problems...
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    Need Design Rule Documents for NCSU Cadence Design Kit Libs

    The subject line says it all. TIA! John
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    VNC - Cygwin - SSH .. wana access my lab from remote place

    Re: VNC - Cygwin - SSH .. wana access my lab from remote pla If you can make a console connection from cygwin, then you almost have it!! All you're lacking is the switch to allow the running of Xserver applications. Here's the syntax: ssh -X your-username@work.pc.ip.address I believe all...

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