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    CRYSTAL internal resistance

    Hello c_mitra, Yes, The crystal with higher ESR (80 ohm) is working fine with the processor which recommends 30 ohm ESR crystal. My question is if I use crystal with 80 ohm ESR will it going to create any problems in future???
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    CRYSTAL internal resistance

    Hello All, I am designing a system in which I am using PHY IC with required Crystal with ESR value of 30 ohm (max). The crystal which I have is with ESR of 80ohm, Is there any method to meet the requirement of 30ohm? How to make Crystal ESR 30 ohm from 80 ohm??? PHY IC:RTL8211EG
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    Firmware programming in controller

    Hello Guys, This question I had from few past days. While we program any controller we write codes and burns it in controller. How exactly that code transfers into hardware inside the controller??? If I write 1 in any GPIO pin at that time we can get some positive voltage level on controller...
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    [moved] [TXD and RXD state (0 or 1) in RS485 and RS232 in initial condition

    My query is what should be TxD and RxD signals initial state in communication. Means is there any defined standard which state that in initial state RxD should be pulled high or TxD should have low level??? Query is for both RS232 and RS485 stds.

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