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    Looking for remote control solution for audio products

    Re: Remote Control hi what problem u r facing in useage of PT2248 and PT2249? these r perfect to use. i have been using it since last 3-4 yeares. if u have any problem to use it, let me know i will tell u the right solution NomanYousaf
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    18...36/24 Power Supply designing

    Re: 18...36/24 Power Supply hello i think this is not possible to get 18V in and exact 18V out through any sami conductor(tr IC etc) you can use N type MOSFET for this purpose Noman
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    Looking for a sensor for measuring 220V AC

    Re: measuring AC voltage hello you can use mx536 IC that is mV AC to DC converter first decrease the voltage by using Resistor devider then make it DC by using such IC then measure it I hope it will help u Noman

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