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    how to make a 3 character matrix dispalyusing pic16f84a?

    hi fatima. if you are from pakistan. first tell me about your entire project. how do you program(flash) your pic16f84. and which programming language and compiler are you using. then i can tell you that how to display 3 character matrix display. send...
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    need source code of keil c for stepper motor

    stepper keil i need source code of keil c for controlling 5 phase stepper motor. for this perpose i want to use at89c51 microcontroller . and i need driver circuit for it. plz help me thanks (forgive my poor and broken english.)
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    how can i make lib file in c

    i want to know how can i make function in library files. in fact i want source code in c to make function's defination in library files, and prototyping in header file for example: int sum() { return 5+5; } pleaze send me step by step procedure. i want prototyping of function sum() in...
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    OSD circuit with c source requid for ks5514b and 89c51

    osd circuit OSD circuit with c source requid for ks5514b and 89c51 . and complete instruction set of KS5514B THANKS, Ahmed Waheed
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    i want to make a OSD system with at89c51 and ks5514B-02. and i need c source code for it. plz help me. Added after 2 minutes: I NEED C SOURCE FOR KS5514B IC

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