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    mismatch analysis using Monte Carlo

    monte carlo process mismatch Hi, When I attach my mc model file, on montecarlo simulation I was observing the mcdata and mcparam file generated. I did so to observe whether the variables I'm mentioning in my model file varies. While doing the process variations I found the parameters varying...
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    measuring offset voltage using montecarlo

    Hi, I'm trying to do the mismatch analysis using montecarlo simulations for a simple diff pair..I selected "mismatch only" option and tried plotting the drain current for the diff pair transistors. I expected a change in the two currents so that I can divide the difference by corresponding gm...
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    A planar Transistor??

    Recently INTEL has announced a 45nm SRAM, there I found that the Transistors being used are still Planar? Is it related to Fabrication technique? Can somebody throw some light on it. GD
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    Frequency synthesizer - Frequency Multiplier- Difference?

    Both Frequency synthesizer - Frequency Multiplier can be incorporated using PLL.What is the difference between the two both functionally and in construction part of it. GD
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    LPF in PLL -- Reasons explored??

    Actually if we use a phase detector in the PLL, then we use LPF only to cut the transients that comes out from the detector along with a DC voltage that denotes the phase error.Because only when the control voltage to the VCO is stable, it can work properly. If we make use of a Frequency...
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    Optical clock generation but electrical distribution??

    Actually in microprocessors especially, to operate it in G Hz we surely require a optical intervention because of the frequency instability invoved in crystal oscillator or any other at high frequency.In such a case why donot we look for global clock distribution using optical pulses.Optical...
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    How does a charge pumped PLL differs from an ordinary PLL?

    Charge pump PLL ? Can I know how exactly a charge pumped PLL differs from an ordinary PLL.Do we have any boost in the signal. Because, PLL is a circuitry that matters much about the phase and frequency of the signal rather than its voltage level. Then what is so special in charge pumped PLL. GD
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    Can a voltage divider act like a voltage amplifier?

    Yes. If a voltage divider uses a resistor, why cannot we use a negative resistance components like tunnel diode to get the voltage amplification.Clarify me. GD

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