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    High Power White LED Model

    For high power applications you essentially need a current source for each LED. I do not believe that it is a good viable solution to place several low power LED's in parallel without somesort of a series resistor.
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    about frequency plan tools

    Ypu could look at ansoft designer - student version which is free to download. This has a system simulator and should be able to do some of the basic transceiver system calculations. Shogun
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    VCO design with -190 dBc/Hz phase noise @ 10 KHz??

    dbc/hz You might of had a typo and ment -100dBc/Hz at 10kHz offset which is achieveable and reasonable practical depending on your application. Shogun
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    Phase noise of LC VCO

    Kouly is right, if you are using it in an digital comms system and good BER is critical then the stated phase noise is probably a little high at 100kHz offset figures of -100dBc/Hz or better is good and desirable. Shogun
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    Software to open .rar files

    rar filr You could always save it to a usb key and then use winrar to open in windows, burn what you want to CD and then open it in your linux system. Always a work around. Shogun
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    Which Version of Linux ?

    I have had success with ubuntu. It is alot easier to configure than fedora. Shogun
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    Receiver architecture

    If you like you can download Ansoft Designer - Student Version for free and there you can experiment in software with some of the system simulators that you have learnt about in the preceeding texts and applications notes Shogun
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    Technical design information about AM mixers

    Re: AM Mixer Design You really should look at the signal levels at each stage of your design, a simple transistor mixer is where one sigal is applied to the base of the transistor and the other - modulating one is applied to the emitter. Other wise you could use a dual gate fet and use one of...
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    Lens for power LED question

    Have you thought about using a light pipe or making your own out of high quality plastic
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    How to design DC bias network and the blocking network

    Re: DC bias networks What frequency range are you working with, a Simple DC block is a capacitor that has a self resonant frequency well above what you are working on. Regards Shogun
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    What is the difference b/w 1-stage or 2-stage LNA ??

    Re: LNA stages To find out more on this subject, you should look at the book called "Communications Receivers" by Rohde Shogun
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    Ultra Wideband Bias-TEE Equivalent circuit

    20ghz bias tee If the circuit if operating above 1Ghz and you have the board space you will need to use a radial stub. It will act like an open circuit at your frequency of interest. Shogun
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    WiFi Amplifiers Schematics.

    I have designed a bi directional amp for commerical purposes to work at these frequencies, (2.3G to 2.7GHz). Very stable and extremely high performance. If you need help you can contact me with a private message Thanks Shogun
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    Suggestions of beginner books about RF circuits

    Re: beginer in RF Books like Microwave engineering by pozar, Microwave Amplifiers by Gonzalez and RF Design by Bowick are excellent resources. Interms of practical experiance, it is a case of learning on the job and building and experimenting with little circuits. This way you will get a good...
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    802.11a upconverting mixers

    What frequency do you want to up conconvert to, Mini circutis has mixers to 6GHz. What about a rat race type mixer.
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    Recommend materials to study RF layout

    rf layout techniques Typically, all good layout techniques for RF design comes with alot of experiance and common sense. Some pointers include. Keep the traces that connect frequency sensitive components ie osc or lna etc small. Pay carefull attention to the layout of the power supply rails...
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    Determining values of Max2608 VCO

    Re: question about VCO For PLL design you should look at the ebook that is posted on national.com/wireless site, the author is Dean Banerjee, it is also available from Amazon too. Once you have designed your circuit you can tweek it on the bench.
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    How to degrade the sensitivity of an Receiver?

    why not design your own attenuator using either a pi or a tee of resistors, you can save some money and you might get better results than just a shorted piece of wire. Shogun
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    Looking for omni-directional antennas at 406MHz

    Re: Antenna 406MHz One of the main uses for 406MHz is for the Emergency Beacons, you should not be playing with this frequency for recreational use or even for data transfer. You run the risk of interfering with the COSPASS-SAR Satellites which are used to detect the presence of the 406MHz...
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    RF Micro Devices - RF5117 2.4GHz Power Amplifier 802.11 wlan

    Re: RF Micro Devices - RF5117 2.4GHz Power Amplifier 802.11 The macom part would work fine but it uses 28V and is 2inches in length if you can let me know more of your requirements i would be very glad to help Have you thought about a descrete design shogun

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