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    Ansys 13 and 14 copling with oter Ansoft programs

    Ansys 13 and 14 coupling with other Ansoft programs Hi all, Definitely, Ansys Workbench 13 can mate with Ansoft Designer, HFSS, Maxwell and Simplorer. In its menu structure there is under options a choice for this. That's no more true in Ansys 14. Can anybody please tell if and how the...
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    multisim11 optocoupler error

    Hello, apparently I have stumbled upon an error on Multisim 11 optocouplers. HCNR201, a dual photodiode-single LED precision optocoupler is shown as it were made by a LED lighting two phototransistors, together with its SPICE model. The worst thing, in my opinion, is that original photodiode...
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    MUltisim 11 multithreading

    Please does anybody know whether Multisim 11 can go multithread? And where are this feature's controls?:smile:
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    Ultiboard11: placing SMD components on both layers

    Which way, if there is one, one can place SMD components on both PCB sides using Multisim11 Ultiboard? In the case this were not possible, can you please address a suitable PCB capture/editor program? TIA
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    Transformer SPICE modeling in Multisim 11

    Hi to all, Can somebody please address me to a tutor where I can learn how to create and add a new transformer model into Multisim 11? Basically I need to simulate a circuit containing a transformer I designed and built myself. Of course I know all its main parameters: number of windings, turn...
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    CST studio MWS memory management

    Hi all, is there a way to tell CST Studio how much memory he can use? I'd like to reserve some for computer basic services; despite my RAM is 16 GB I ended up to virtual memory...
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    A different solution in HFSS11

    Hi all, HFSS full book 10 is a very useful font of examples to understand and manage HFSS software. As I found quite different behaviour with some models of mine between HFSS and CST studio (please look at another post of mine), I decided to cross test them with a model with known behaviour. So...
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    Different simulation results on HFSS11 and CST 2010

    Hi all, It's about two months I'm looking for an explanation or an error of mine. At first I have simulated a parametrized short backfire antenna on HFSS11 for the wifi band. Fo= 2.45 GHz. After some optimization I achieved a VSWR between 1:1.3@ 2450 and 1:1.7@ 2400 and 2500 MHz with a...
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    CST studio suite 2010 -design studio

    Hi all, please is there anybody that knows where to find a detailed description of how design studio works? Using the embedded examples, in respect to other pcb capture/simulation software it appears to be very poor in component library and very cumbersome in placing\editing wires, not to speak...
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    semiconductor/component library on CST design studio 2010

    Hello, does anyone know how to use/ where to find the component libraries necessary to design any circuit on CST studio 2010? Apparently from blocks menu-circuit elements are only available some generic and "virtual" component like a generic resistor or op-amp with no package an wattage...
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    Ni circuit design suite 11 bug?

    Hi all, I'm a retired engineer who is willing to learn using NI CDS11. As I'm used to start bottom-up I'm trying to simulate some simple circuits at first. So I began simulating a simple op-amp follower, powered by a single supply from -VCC to +VCC following the supply midpoint-value obtained...
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    Optimizing an antenna gain in CST MWS

    Hi all, Does anyone know how to run an optimization on CST MWS having fairfield abs as a goal parameter? I only see S11
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    CST 2008 crashes while running optimization (XP SP3)

    Hello, did anyone experience sudden crashes with system reboot while running an optimization on CST MWS 2008? Despite I have tried a clean system install, while I try to optimize some parameters of a normal biquad antenna, just to achieve experience with this suite, I could never successfully...

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