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    Velleman K7200 or simular

    velleman k7200 power supply kit Hi gaga2410. Read the entire topic and you see to use 0.1 ohm 10W resistors for R37 to R40 like wizpic used !! It works great. Regards. jackrs:D
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    12VDC to 127VAC inverter using LM3524

    what is lm3524 Hi Fernando ! Try these links... h++p:// h++p://www.ehow.com/how_2281345_dc-ac-inverter-old-ups.html h++p://sound.westhost.com/project89.htm Best Regards. jackrs :D
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    0-50V 0-5A adjustable linear power supply

    mc1466 Hi fernando Try this at h++p://www.a-and-t-labs.com/K2_Lab_Power_Supply/index.htm All documentation is provided at left side menu in the page. Pay attention: i think that exist a bug in electronics now article. See the schematic of power supply (hand draw schematic), its corrected...
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    looking for "DUAL OUTPUT TENS UNIT "March ’97 issu

    tens unit schematic Hi all!!! I am looking for a link or schematic of a PIC based (OR ANOTHER MICROCONTROLLER) TENS (TRANSCUTANEOUS ELECTRICAL NEURAL STIMULATOR). The TENS must have frequency adj, voltage adj and display and some programmable features, etc... I am looking for too a article...
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    Long time pic controlled timer

    Hi all I need a long time pic controlled timer , like the article in siliconchip, PROGRAMMABLE PIC POWERED TIMER(ART A-30308) See the link : hxxp://www.siliconchip.com.au/cms/A_30808/article.html Thanks in advance. Regards. jackrs:D
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    The best CAD for electrical drawings

    siemens cad drawings Hi swilly !! I use EPLAN RACER PRO It is a best CAD for electrical designer and automation (PLC). AUTOCAD ELECTRICAL versions are good, RS WIRE too, but if you consider a serious work and capabilities, EPLAN is the ONE. You can try ELCAD. It is very good too...
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    most cheap way of communicating the s7-200 with the pc

    ppi cable schamatic Hi Milan-Sr As you can see in the file "s72XX_ppi_197.rar", in the file "NOTE.TXT", R1=1200Ω. To all connections please refer to file "Pc_s7_1_200 adapter" in the file "s72XX_ppi_197.rar". Note: i never build this circuit... Regards. jackrs
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    Service manual for the Radio Shack DX-440

    realistic dx-440 Hi W9GFX Go to the link hxxp://www.mods.dk/view.php?ListManuals=radio_shack and you find your request !!! (change xx to tt) Regards jackrs
  9. J

    12v DC to 240v AC about 300W Inverter schematic

    car inverter schematic Hi !! See this post I hope it help you ! Regards jackrs 8)
  10. J

    siemens plc logo! cable between logo and PC

    logo siemens cable Hi is_razi look here ... Maybe help you. Enjoy. Regards. jackrs 8)
  11. J

    Car Lead acid battery fast charger

    fast chargers for lead acid battery Hi fernando Look at : hxxp://www.aaroncake.net/circuits/charger1.htm hxxp://www.geocities.com/vk3em/sla-charger/sla-charger.html hxxp://www.uoguelph.ca/~antoon/gadgets/labc2.htm...
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    siemens plc logo! cable between logo and PC

    plc logo siemens Hi polarized. I find this schematic. I don't know if it work's. Try at your own risk. Regards. Good lucky. jackrs 8)
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    Help me make a PCB UV Exposure Box

    uv exposure pcb Hi MCMC !!! Look at hxxp://www.electronics-lab.com/articles/index.html (change xx to tt) Go to iten .:PCB and you see some articles (projects) about UV exposure box to PCB. Enjoy. jackrs 8)
  14. J

    Inverter dc/ac - Julio/Brazil

    Hi julio Look at hxxp://www.interq.or.jp/japan/se-inoue/e_ckt30.htm You can change some components , like transformer , transistor, etc to mean your request. Look at hxxp://www.edaboard.com/searchtopic54743-.html change xx to tt Look at...
  15. J

    How does the voltage and current tracking circuit work?

    Voltage tracking circuit Hi !! How work the voltage and current tracking circuit (serial and parallel) used in dual voltages power supplies ??? Any example or schematics??? Thanks in advance. jackrs 8)
  16. J

    INSTEK GPC-3030D schematics needed

    Hi all !! I need schematics of INSTEK GPC-3030D , Triple Output DC Power Supply, 30V/3A (x2). Thanks in advance. jackrs 8)
  17. J

    Protel libraries- pic microchip

    microchip protel library Hi gari Go to this link hxxp://www.altium.com/libraries/index.html -->> change xx to tt In this link you find libraries for all P#ro*tel versions. Enjoy. jackrs 8)
  18. J

    Req: Led Dot matrix display

    Hi PowerMan Read this topic: https://www.elektroda.pl/eboard/ftopic64900.html Enjoy . Regards. jackrs 8)
  19. J

    Suggest me a voltage tracking circuit

    Voltage tracking circuit Hi all. Can someone suggest me a circuit to use in tracking voltage when i use two isolated power supply placed in series or parallel, making power supply A master and power supply B slave. Any voltage changed in A is followed by B. Thanks in advance. Best Regards...
  20. J

    Dual tracking power supply schematics

    tracking psu Hi all. I need schematics of any 30V or 20V - 3A dual tracking power supply, like https://www.testequipmentdepot.com/instek/powersupplies/gpcseries.htm Thanks in advance. jackrs 8)

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