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  1. farrokhiyan

    I/O Buffer (IOB) vs. Global Clock I/O Buffer (GCLKIOB)

    gclkiob How can I instantiate a Clk signal to a standard I/O buffer (not global buffers)? what is CLOCK_DEDICATED_ROUTE ?
  2. farrokhiyan

    I/O Buffer (IOB) vs. Global Clock I/O Buffer (GCLKIOB)

    clock_dedicated_route Hi all, Would you please tell me what is the difference between standard I/O Buffer and Global Clock I/O buffer? how can i explicitly instantiate an I/O Buffer component for each top-level I/O signal in xilinx ISE? tnx.
  3. farrokhiyan

    need a simple source code

    Hi all, I'm a beginner in vhdl. i need a simple source code for digital integrator in vhdl which is synthesizable on FPGA. can you help me? tnx.

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