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    [SOLVED] [Help] AM Modulation AD633

    I want to create a simple transmitter using AD633, the problem is need to connect the input to a microphone or mp3 player. what pre amp circuit should i use, will LM386 with gain of 200 from the datasheet work? I'm currently using a function generator as a carrier input signal. Transmission...
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    [SOLVED] [HELP] Design square wave osc using 555 timer

    Design square wave oscillator using 555 timer operating at 8khz with 50% duty cycle. need sample design and computation/formula. :)
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    [SOLVED] [HELP] Design Pierce Oscillator 40Khz output

    Design Pierce Oscillator to generate output frequency of 40khz. Can anyone help me?? please
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    [HELP] Build Automatic Cut off Charger for 7.4 Volts Battery

    Hello, can anyone help me build Automatic Cut off Charger or Smart Battery Charger for 7.4 Volts - 2 x 3.7volts Lithium Polymer Battery 3500mah. Charger will automatically turn off when its 8.2volts(safe voltage) or 8.4 volts - fully charged. I try to search from the internet,and i found...
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    [SOLVED] [HELP] OP-AMP Using LM324

    I want to make an OP-AMP using LM324 - QUAD OP-AMP. Input is 50mVolts & out is 10Volts so the Gain is 200. 1st op-amp is for Buffer. My question is, should i use all three remaining op-amps? Or should i use only one ? Please answer thanks :)
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    [SOLVED] Find Q-Point Using Transfer Curve - HELP

    Hello, Can anyone help me to Draw a DC Transfer Curve Analysis for 2n3904?? 15V or Higher for Vce.. Im Using Proteus 8.. Sample of DC Transfer Curve
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    [SOLVED] Cascade BJT AMP two stages - HELP

    Hello Engineers, I just want to Design a Cascade BJT Amplifier Two Stages, but my problem is, Im only given two values Vin = 50mVp @ 25Khz and Vo= 3Vp, I dont really know where to start.. They say that i need to draw a transfer curve to find the Value of Ic. Please Help me. :cry::cry::cry:

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