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  1. princez

    Check sim300 receive ok with MC

    can u tell me how to make a simple test to use GPRS on sim300? i mean can u give me the sequence of commands u entered to use GPRS on hyperterminal? i think my device's GPRS is not working properly, so i need help.
  2. princez

    +CMS ERROR: 515 - Sim340dz

    yes i used at+cgsms=? command and it returns +CGSMS: (0-3) . I think my modem's GPRS is nor working properly, can you please tell me how to make a simple test to check if GPRS is working properly or not?
  3. princez

    +CMS ERROR: 515 - Sim340dz

    i m getting the same error.. actually i am trying to send SMS over GPRS link. following is the command sequence i am following. AT+CGATT=1 AT+CGSMS=0 AT+CMGS="number" >message ctrl z +CMS ERROR 515 CMGS is working fine with when at+CGSMS=1 and 3 i thought there is some problem with gprs, but...
  4. princez

    SENDING SMS THROUGH GPRS - help needed

    Re: SENDING SMS THROUGH GPRS hay.. got any success on sending SMS through GPRS?
  5. princez

    GPS + GSM/GPRS + Camera

    I am working on the same project as Kryex is working.. i am using PIC MCU..just needed to know one thing.. how are transferring image ?? are you using GPRS sms thing? and sending image in packets? One thing, you dont need any MCU with 3 UARTS.. u can use 2 UARTS by doing multiplexing on one...
  6. princez

    Heart Beat Monitor with Infra-red AND LDR Sensor

    hay, can i make a heart rate sensor with the help of a micro phone insted of using optical thing?? would it be simpler ?? P.s reply ASAP.
  7. princez

    Heart Beat Monitor with Infra-red AND LDR Sensor

    hay i think am quiet late to the forum :S. any ways its better late then never. well , my problem is that i am working on a biomedical project whose part is to monitor heart rate. i tried to use an IR led and a photo diode, but wus unsuccessful.i dnt know where the problem is , so am searching...

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