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    Configuring Zybo Z7-10 hardware for MATLAB FIL

    Configuring Zybo Z7-10 hardware for MATLAB FIL is not happening . I have a Zybo Z7-10 board. I need to integrate this with MATLAB FIL workflow . I have the all support packages installed . I have checked the MATLAB example for Zybo and tried to work . It did not work. I have seen MATLAB custom...
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    Help me to design anuular slot antenna in IE3D

    slot antenna design in ie3d I want to design the structure given in the paper. Please tell me how to design the annular section .. I am uploading the paper and ie3D file I have designed . paper..
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    Need help in designing rampart array antenna .

    I am trying to design a rampart array antenna . I've found out some formulas from Ramesh garg biik . But i'm not been able to find out the "Beta " so that ican can calculate ................. Need ur help please ..
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    designing of omni antenna with 6dBi or more gain with patch

    I want to design an omni antenna with following specification (a) Frequency range of operation: One spot frequency between 1 GHz and 1.6 GHz, (b) Gain of the antenna: Of the order of 6 dBi. (c ) Gain ripple: 1 dB. (d) Bandwidth: about 100 MHz (10 dB return loss) (e) Beamwidth in the...
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    How to define port in feko

    I am designing a edge fed patch antenna in feko. But when defining the port in feed line , there are three options available . wire port , edge port and microstrip port . According to my thinking this port shd be edge type . But at the time of defining a positive part and negative part...
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    designing of a in uhf range

    i want to design a slotted wave antenna in uhf range . I am using ie3d software . I am in search of a good material; for this purpose. can anyone give me the link of good tutorials on this .
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    how to store 8085 program in a pc

    grey to binary 8085 i am doing a project on datalogger . where the data sensed by the adc (frm temp sensor) is sent to mp for analyzing and temoraray storing . The data temporarily stoted the mp is then neede to be stored in pc for logging and analyzing . But the problem is how can i...

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