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    My cnc granit picture engraver.

    My cnc granit picture engraver.
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    Pc parallel port pwm output

    pwm parallel port Hi, Need help! I want to use parallel port as a PWM output. Those are my questions 1.How can I make it the easiest way 2.What is the frequency and resolution I can expect from PC parallel port Thanks Milan
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    I need EIZO F56 schematic

    Hi I need EIZO F56 schematic to repair it Milan
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    Help me fix the electronics of a tig arc welder

    I have a question! I have to repair a TIG ARC WELDER,problem is that all electronics in it is totally damaged. I wont to use phase cotrol with SIEMENS TCA785 on primary side off transformer. If anyone hes any experience with thih plese leave here sugestions,it might help me. Thanks Milan

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