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    Complete Manual 465B ...

    Hi Guy ! I'm got in trouble with my 465B, the power supply does not provide the right +55 V, probably some Tantalium capacitors are gone, but I dislike to replace all capacitors, so I start to look for the Service manual and I've found it !! (in the bama.sbc.edu). I was very happy ! But ...
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    Cadence IC 5.0 Design Formal Pro for Linux

    C@dence IC 5.0 lnx Cadence release Design Formal pro for linux ! Powerful Interestings things spectre for linux
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    Flow Tracer EDA software (LSF-like product)

    Flow TRacer This is a powerful products like LSF but more efficient https://www.rtda.com/products/flowtracerEDA/
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    I@ 5.o LINUX beta version will be available in first quarter

    I@ 5.o LINUX @aden@e will release @c 5.o for linux, beta version will be available in first quarter 2003 Bye Gianni
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    s-p-e-c-m-a - website link to share

    hello look here f*p://f*p.verisi*y.com/private/license enjoy

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