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    TMS320F28027 hex file for hybrid inverter

    Hello guys, I have a 3kw 24v hybrid inverter, it mcu is TMS320F28027 which burnt Please who has software (hex file) of it The company refused to provide me the chip?
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    TV Transmitter Schematic for all

    Dear Freinds, Here i'm attaching Tv Transmitter in UHF channel for all of you, please how can make pcb for it. Eng.Dibagay Kurdistan of Iraq[/img]
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    Would like to know more on ucontroller and Rf

    Repeal electronic hobby Hi All, If no body ready to answer me i will Repeal electronic hobby
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    to supervisor of this fo if you not reply please delete it!

    Hi, There are alotof subjects and questions available in this forum that has not any reply for along time I suggest to delete all non replied subjects that is pass more than a month of its submission. that one the another thing is there are alotof simple question can be answerd why no body answer ?
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    is npn paper available in China

    is npn paper available in China ? if yes where? is npn paper available in UAE? where? is npn paper available in syria?
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    Who is able to solve my problem thankfuly

    Hi, dear reader I'm can not find Ic divider by 256 (2,5 Ghz) in my country even in countries araund i need it for important project for rf frequancy display so i need your kind help to get this Ic ( MB506) or one of it's eqiuvalent?
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    MB506 IC requested- which electronic equipment is available?

    MB506 IC requested Hi All, I need MB506 prescaler Ic that i can't find in my country ( Iraq) and i don't no in which electronic equipment is available?!
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    need pic microcontroller pwm power inverter

    microcontrolled power inverter Hi All, Please could help me for construction of 12v Dc -220vAc power inverter circuit working by Pic micro controler Pic type (Any Number)

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