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    Check this website. Cypress has a very large portfolio of Dual-Port Devices https://www.cypress.com/portal/server.pt?space=CommunityPage&control=SetCommunity&CommunityID=209&PageID=215&gid=5&fid=8&category=All&showall=false
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    What are the stages, in detail, of ASIC design flow ?

    Re: ASIC Design Flow A detailed Digital IC Design Flow tutorial from Canadian Microelectronic Corporation.
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    Salaries in singapore....

    Its typically around 3000-3500 Sing Dollars
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    How FPGA is fabricated and how its programming works?

    Re: How FPGA work?? This is a good website on basics of FPGA and FPGA Design projects https://www.fpga4fun.com/
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    Principles of Verilog PLI

    Intro to Verilog PLI A quick introductory tour on PLI is available at https://www.angelfire.com/ca/verilog/chap1.html
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    PCB Design Guidelines inf pdf file

    Download it from here This file is available here. https://www.hottconsultants.com/pdf_files/pcb_guide.pdf Download it here and save points
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    Gerber to DXF translator

    cadnex I have the PCB Data base in Allegro. How to convert into DXF. Please suggest clear steps
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    BGA Manufacturing Issues - a good article

    BGA Manufacturing Issues A good article for BGA during manufacturing
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    Embedding Passives in PCB

    embedding passives Learn about Embedding Passives in PCB
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    Article on PCB Materials

    PCB Materials Article on PCB Materials, Geek
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    RF PCB Design mainly for starters

    RF Design Primer Attaching a very basic article on RF PCB Design mainly for starters. Thanks, Geek
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    Interesting Circuit for demonstrating XOR Applications

    Interesting Circuit idea Interesting Circuit for demonstrating XOR Applications

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