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    did you meet this problem??

    I install IC5033 on RH7.3,I can run Spectre,but I can't run SpectreS,why?? In my license list ,there is a dot rectangular between my license file and the ID number.but there is no dot rectangular in my company.
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    how to test the open loop gain?

    measure open loop gain I have designed a error opamp.the negative input is inner.only the positive input and output is outside.It's open loop gain can go to 80dB,Can anyone help me?
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    about the ripple rejection for voltage regulator

    how to improve the ripple rejection of a voltage regulator? this is a important for a voltage regulator. use a cap. at the feedback network or reduce the erramp's current?
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    Error when trying to draw schematic in IC5

    a real puzzle? I have setup the IC5, Now,I can use it to draw schematic.but,every time I run it,command shows:bash,--can not find CDS_Netlisting_Mode command" what does this means?
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    Why I can make modify cds.lib in Cadence on RedHat 7.3?

    help me,please! I setup C@dence in the redhat7.3.Now, I can run icfb,but I can't make a liberay in it. It said that it can't modify cds.lib! How can I do? I run lmstat -a -c license.dat , it list a report of soft commandand after the command it say that uncounting,no users. where does I don't...
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    I have a problem of C@dence!help me!

    I setup the IC5.0 on linux7.3 with root. but I don't know how to set the environment variables &where can I start the license manager? please help me!

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