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    Micro controller based solar tracker

    Thanks thamid............ i am attaching the flowchart needed for the programming. plz give your suggestions.
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    Micro controller based solar tracker

    Thank u thamid.............................. I have to write the program in c using mplab. Can we write c programs in mplab? N what is the difference between embedded c and only c?
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    Micro controller based solar tracker

    I have stuck at the programming part because i have no knowledge about PIC. And for the sensing part actually we are using 2 PV sensors inclined at 45 deg. and forming a triangle the output of these PV cells will be the input of PIC and then the PIC interfaced with wiper motor to rotate the...
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    Micro controller based solar tracker

    I m preparing a project with pic 16f877 for driving a solar tracker and want to interface it with a wiper motor. Plz help me in programming of pic in c language.

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