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    impedance matching with a rectangular waveguide

    good morning dears need for emergency help !!!!! I want to reach out an impedance matching between microstrip line (characterisitc imedance Zo) and rectangular waveguide ,actually is a SIW, through a microstrip step discontinuity transition with characterisitc imedance Z1, (see the attached...
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    input impedance of substrate integrated waveguide

    good evening my dear I am designing a microwave network in HFSS which I need to know the input impedance of a substrat integrated waveguide and because Zin = Z11 when I2 = 0 (open port), I have placed a LumpedRLC in port 2 by choosing R = 50 GOhms, in fact I had some result that I am not sure if...
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    Effective refractive index of a slab waveguide

    Good morning Guys I have to write a matlab code in order to find effective refractive index of a slab waveguide (metal-substrat-metal), can any one give some refrences or formula ? thank you very much
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    Building a geometry in Matlab

    hi how are you I have a microwave complexe geometry or I find it complexe, a parallalpepide with several holes inside it, well I must analyse it using matlab, my problem is How to build such geometry using matlab, I read that a complexe geometry should create in approporiete software (Adobe...
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    Rectangular Waveguide using FDFD

    Hi beautiful minds I have to analyse a rectangular waveguide working an X-band (8-12 GHz), this time using FDFD, I had wrote a matlab code necessaire for this reason (see the attached file), well, the code works very well, unfortunatily the cut-off frequency not in the same value like in theory...
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    Solve Helmoltz's equation using matlab

    Hello, Please, in the matlab command window How to solve the Helmoltz equation in the 2D space domain, in fact, I have to find proper functions and proper modes in an irregular geometry formed from a rectangle With two holes in the interior where the radius of holes and the width of the...
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    using pde toolbox to resolve microwave circuit problems

    Hello my dears, it's possible to export the solution in pdetoolbox (i.e current density, calculated voltage) to the command window. and please if you hzve any pde exemples or tutorial don't hesitate to send it to me. thank you
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    [SOLVED] help about the best HFSS setting

    Hello friends, please is there anyone can give me the best HFSS configuration (substrate error, driver thickness, etc.) in order to find simulation results close to the measured results ... thank you very much
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    Probe in microstrip line

    I'm trying to simulate the structure in the attached file, unfortunately the results obtained are not the desired results. In fact, the structure is composed of three sections of a 50 ohm microstrip line, where the probes ensure the contact between them (see the figure). The distribution of the...
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    changing material in HFSS

    Hi dears I would like to know if it's possible to change automatically substrate permittivity in HFSS. let's say I want to use diffrents materials for the same HFSS drawing and I want to let HFSS picks one material among a set of materials already selected. I'm a bit confused, can anyone help...

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