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    A problem With Pads Bus router

    Hi all, I have problem my pads bus router does not start I have allresdy change the drc ro prevent the menu symbol is active but do nothing, in the help file it says : For object mode, select the objects to bus route. Right-click and click Bus Router. The selected objects and any attached traces...
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    How to copy tarces is PADS

    Hi all, I am using a BGA package and I want to copy paste some same shape traces, but I cann't find any option in PADS Router, for those who use specctra I know that is specctra it is very easy to copy and paste traces I want to know the way to do it in PADS Router. Thanks.
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    Updating PadsLayout with Orcad Netlist

    Hi, I have imported an orcad netlist to PadsLayout, and placed so many parts I wan t to know how to update my design with a newer orcad netlist. I also want to know if there is anyway to save a do file of my placement to prevent placeing each time, this can be done in specctra. Thanks.
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    importing netlist to pads

    orcad netlist header for pads Hi, I want to import the net list that I have generated with orcad10 to pads (.asc) but it gives me the wroung format in pads and all the elements become errors, then I recive nothing in pads layout, what must I do to correct this? Regards. Added after 5...
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    How to use Layout library in Allegro or Spectra Quest?

    allgro lib Hi all is there any way to give the library that was made in layout to allegro and spectra quest?
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    Fanout Spectra or Layout for BGA chip

    Fanout Spectra or layout Hi all, I have a bga chip on my pcb. Can layout or spectra fanout it organized ( I mean adjustable in degree or in a way)? Ps: Does anybody has an application note on the subject?
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    Orcad layout doesn export properly to Spectra

    spectra problem Hi all, I have a problem with my spectra, I have placed all my components in the orcad layout. Then I export it to Spectra but there is a problem in spectra there is no GND or Power plane in the layers in the spectra although I have set that in the layout, Looking for your...
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    Part genertaion in orcad.

    Hi, Orcad can make a new part schematic from verilog file, but I want to know how I can give it the pin numbers in the verilog file, Is it possible or not?
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    What is the price of Xilinx pci controller core 32bit 33MHz?

    PCI controller price Hi everybody, I want some information about the xilinx pci controller core 32 bit 33MHz price? Thanks.

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