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  1. J

    Digital oscilloscope Project

    firewire oscilloscope also check out www.fpga4fun.com, this guy has made a dso using a fpga, he's currently doing a tutorial on how he did it along with all the verilog code... A
  2. J

    Are there any EDA tools for MAC OS X?

    I've got a mac and a PC and I really couldn't face using eda software under OS X, OS X is too slow at the moment...although it's always going to be slower due to the power pc chips...the sooner apple release os x for intel the better.... A
  3. J

    Where can I buy FT232BM USB UART IC?

    ft232bm sample The BM has less external components because they integrated part of the reset circuit into the BM, we had awful trouble getting the reset to work correctly on the AM chips, with the BM chips I've not had a single problem... ...yeah, I think that they are approximately £5 from...
  4. J

    Low cost ARM boards with uClinux

    low cost uclinux board theres also the lart (which can be found by a web search) which comes with a whole heap of stuff including a linux port, but it uses the old intel strong arm (QFP) which is no longer in production. It's very frustrating how hard it is (at least in the UK) to get hold of...
  5. J

    ISP1581 ic - where to buy single pieces?

    isp1581 kit Hi, anybody know of a source for *prototype* quantities of these chips in the UK? I'm maybe after like 10 of these to do some test work? Thanks. A
  6. J

    Req: Help to build a simple Electronic Roulette

    sound to light schematic I'd use a microproccesor because it'll be easier (Quicker, cheaper, imho)! If you use something like a PIC/AVR it wouldn't take long to get it working, it's not very complex. There are plenty of "developent" boards that would be suitable for this out there.... To use...

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