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    automotive reverse proximity alarm circuit

    parking proximity alarm circuit Hello , I want to build a automotive alarm. When the vehicle reversing parking , sense the distance from another car or wall etc etc. I think in ultrasonic receiver transmitter or infrared distance measurement and microcontroller design. Anyone can...
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    Hp Scanner Ic hard to find datasheet AD80020JR

    Hello , I want to know if anyone have information about AD80020JR IC. I try to find In xxx.anaxxx.com , but I can't find datashet from this part. Thanks Garfield :roll:
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    Need schematic of Sony FH-215R audio system

    Hello , Please , I want get schematics or info about FH-215R Old Sony combo audio system. Regards, Garfield :wink:
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    Motocyrcle TDI transistor replacing help

    etd32 transistor Hello , I need replace damaged transistor from old TDI Yamaha 1100 motocyrcle. The part labeled is ETD32 -835B 8N16 TO3 CASE. Please anyone can give me information or help about replcement part. Regards Garfield :wink:
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    usb to rj45 interface - information and schematics needed

    usb to rj45 interface Hello, Somebody has information about USB to RJ45 interface. welcome information,schematics. Regards Garfield :)
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    t03 transistor Hello Please I need info about a ETD32-035B TO3 transistor , specifications , Regards Garfield :roll:
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    Hello , Somebody can share information about how to make a interface based on pic microcontroller to drive a hard disk. I want record B/W video to hard disk. Any information is appreciated. Regards Garfield :roll:
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    Video isolator transformer

    Hi Anyone know about video isolator transformers design. Any help be appreciated. Regards Garfield
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    write read low resolution bmp file from/to flash memory

    Hi Anyone help me with some guidelines about how to read a bmp file from pc hard disk , then write / read it from / to flash memory. Regards <font size=-1>[ This Message was edited by: garfield on 2001-11-17 14:59 ]</font>

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