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    GPU vs FPGA - Performance and future utilisation - looking for discussion and opinion

    FPGA Versus GPU(GPGPU) as two ways of "Hardware Acceleration" ---------- Post added at 08:21 ---------- Previous post was at 07:37 ---------- You can look at this interesting discussion GPUs VS FPGAs/DSP - NVIDIA Forums
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    Custom Graphical LCD Modules Prices

    I need prices for a custom graphical color LCD module with the following features TFT LCD Colors: 24-Bit Color Depth (16M Colors) Resolution: 360x640 Size: 8" or More Backlight: LED Quantity: 100,000 (One Hundred Thousand) Thanks
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    ADS1258 question about initial delay for valid channel data

    In TI ADS1258 ADC datasheet in (Figure 56. Start Condition to First Data) it is said that to allow fully-settled data to occur at the first data read, a number of clock cycles must be delayed. This delay for fixed-channel conversion is at least 802 clock cycles which is very long period (~= 52...
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    wireless communication project - making mobiles silent

    be silent project What you can do is to make any mobile phone in a specific area "Out of Coverage" and this is called "Mobile phone jamming" and there are many circuits that do such. But Making the Mobile phone silent on entering a certain area requires two things : 1- A system that sends a...
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    Are there any Egyptian users for ZUKEN CR5000

    zukan cr500 You Need The Software Or What ? I have it and I have tutorials I am in New Maadi Cairo
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    ADPCM decoder/encoder in VHDL?

    adpcm fpga See OpenCores.Org But it needs Registeration for Download IMA ADPCM Encoder Regards
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    Speech Codec that supports DMTF Transmission

    I am searching for voice/speech codec that can transmit DTMF Digits, Telephony Tones, and Telephony Signals reliably Now I have two: Based on CS-ACEPL Algorithm 1- G.729 : But it is not free (requires a license) 2- Speex : Free and open source Any Alternatives with the following featured...
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    FPGA/ CPLD as a substitute for Microcontroller?

    digilent c-mod See This : AT17C002A-10JC AT17LV256-10NI
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    PIC18F and parallel Flash memory (NAND type)

    pic18f and nand flash MMC Card Specification is different from SD Card Specs although they are made with the same technology (NAND Flash)
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    Declaration Vs definition

    c declaration vs definition Difference between declaring and defining with functions: The prototype statement for a function declares it, i.e. tells the compiler about the function - its name, return type, and number and type of its parameters. The function header, followed by the body of the...
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    Any one here works in IBM Egypt ?

    Please, I am going to make interview in IBM Next Week. I want any advice about the interview. please any details about contents of the interview exam.
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    V-Model Software Development Model, Exambles or Case Studies

    Please can ayny one provides any examples or case studies of a complete deployment of V-Model or any such model on specific project. I read a lot about these models but all the stuff is theoretical information without any examples, so help me. Regards
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    Computer Science Board Like Edaboard in EDA ?!

    I think on like this https://www.tek-tips.com can stand for what I asked for
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    PICos18 tutorial does not compile

    picos18iz.o Ok, That Problem faced me also and here is the solution : Download this version of RTOS : https://www.picos18.com/Download/PICos18_v2_10.zip Extract to C:\PICos18\ Directory You can find in C:\PICos18\Kernel\ that all files needed are there ! Try this and tell me if any Problem...
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    Computer Science Board Like Edaboard in EDA ?!

    if there is any forum big and helpfull in Computer Science (IT) like Edaboard in EDA Industry. Regards
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    Grounding in IGBT Control of Brushed DC Motor

    igbt dc motors driver I use a uC, Optocoupler, MC33153 IGBT Driver IC, and 600V 70A HGTG40N60B3 IGBT to Control A 2HP Brushed DC Motor How to Connect the Following Grounds in this Diagram? In MC33153 Datasheet GND1 and M+ are Connected How is this ? and if I connect GND1 and M+ , should I...
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    which will cover more distance: Low or high Freq. signal??

    Look, Baseband Signal Can travel long distances as you want based on : 1-Signal Power: The More Power the Longer distance 2-Propagation Channel: free space, Cables, Optical Fiber, ... 3-Baseband Signal Frequency: The More Frequency the more Attenuation and Distortion the less the distance. But...
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    PLease Vote: Electronics Engineer Vs Computer Engineer

    Electronics becomes an essenstial building block of almost any modern system, and the most beautiful and challenging block. But, Please define first what you mean by "Computer Engineer", is it IT Engineering or What ?
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    Design Verification with e

    Mihd Link https://mihd.net/5wa37s
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    SOlutions manual RF Circuit Design Ludwig????

    rf circuit design by ludwig https://rapidshare.com/files/13696215/RF_circuit_Design_Theory_and_Application_by_Ludwig_bretchko_-_solution_manual.rar Password: www.flibrary.org Mirro: https://mihd.net/sqhtgk

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