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    How to output data at 580Gbits/s from Geforce 8800 Ultra?

    580Gbits/s Bus Heres the deal. I am using the nVidia Geforce 8800 Ultra to perform calculations. However, I need to output this data to an external device (at 580Gbits/s). I plan on distributing the data throughout multiple devices, so I am trying to determine the method with the best...
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    Rotating Coil Transformer

    Hi! I am trying to find some information on a rotating coil transformer. I'm not sure if there is another name for this, but I haven't been able to find any good information on it. I am interested in purchasing one, so any purchasing links would be great! Also, any information would be even...
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    Best text for Electronics Course (transistors, etc)

    text about electronics I am currently using Microelectronics by sedra and smith. I don't really like the book too much... What is a good BEGINNER's text for learning electronics?
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    How to program C for embedded systems - HC11 and HC12

    I'm trying to learn how to program C for embedded systems. I want to focus on C programming for the HC11 and HC12, though. What are some good webpages, builders, or books to learn about this? Thanks
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    Driving a Signal High or Low

    https://www.axman.com/support/CME-12D60/CME12D60Csch.pdf <---schematic https://www.axman.com/support/CME-12D60/cme12D60man.pdf <----manual I am trying to design a circuit that will drive the RESET# pin low (aka reset the microprocessor). The HC12 board is at school. But, sometimes I remote...

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