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    about the modulation fail due to the external regulator

    here is a problem about the spectrum of GSM . A GSM Module , which power from external DC-DC regulator. as the osciallator of this DC-DC regualtor works around 400khz , when test GSM spectrum due to modulation , it fail on 400Khz . as its fixed working frequence of regulator , how to resolve...
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    How to improve the "Pi-pa" noise when make a call

    When two bluetooth devices conncting , for example , phone with bluetooth function and bluetooth earphone. when making a call , there seems a bit "Pi-Pa" background noise from earphone . it seems worse when both devices are a bit away. how to debug it ? Our BT chipset is CSR BC4. thanks
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    REQ: some documents about the calibration for GSM phone

    gsm phone calibration Is there someone who can share some documents about the TCXO and crystal calibration theory for GSM phone? thanks
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    about the timing of normal burst and monitor burst

    Could you explain the timing of nomal burst and monitor burst on the GSM? Why there are 3 pulses before the normal burst when RX ?
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    some epaper about calibration of phone

    Is there sombody who can share some articles or papers for battery or RF calibration of GSM phone? thanks.
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    some suggestion on antenna design inside a metal housing

    Could u give some suggestion or guideline on inside antenna design inside a metal housing of a mobile phone? the antenna i design is monopole or PIFA . Do you think which is better for performance ? thans in advance.
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    design about the PIFA

    Do u have some experiences on design a PIFA on the slide phone . what have to be concerned on the slide phone? and How to improve the sensitivity on this phone. Any suggestion or information will be welcome.
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    what cause modulation fail?

    What cause modulation fail when setting Low PCL of DCS or PCS band , except VCO , PLL part?
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    REQ: PCS1900 ENSI spec. For mobile phone

    REQ: PCS1900 ENSI spec. For mobile phone
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    time mask measurement between CMU200 and 8960

    I found there is a difference on PCS1900 time mask measument between CMu200 and 8960 . that happens on PCL13-14 . -6dbc of rise time mask will change to -1dbc on CMU200 , but it never change on8960 . Which measurement is right i will follow , CMU200 or 8960 ?
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    The specifications of time mask for PCS1900

    Time mask for PCS1900? Are the spec of time mask for PCS same as the it of DCS1800 ? I found there is a difference on Low PCL between them . When PCL=15 , -6dbc will change to -1dbc on DCS , but it never change on PCS . Are they right ? they are from ENSI 0505.
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    What's the differences between TX an RX cable loss?

    When measuring the performance of mobile phone through radiation connect using CMU200. we need make a compensation on TX & RX Loss .we found some phones made this compensation , RX loss was biger than it on normal phone , while TX loss sometimes need a biger compensation than it on normal phone...
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    REQ: Samsung mobile phone

    Do you ever check or explore the structure of samsung GSM phone ? We measured its sensitivity , it's very good when use inside antenna (slide phone)or outside antenna . i found it made some improvement on Grounding around FPC connecting, but its FPC only use single layer . Is there anyone can...
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    How to improve sensitivity on radiation mode of a mobile?

    REQ: Sensitivity improve I have a mobilephone , its housing is made of AL-Mg Alloy for solidity . but its sensitivity is bad on radiation mode , it;s only -95dbm on GSM and -99dbm on DCS/PCS . could you tell me how to improve it.?The materials of Al-Mg Alloy cause the sensitivity get bad, i...
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    holes on shielding case ?

    I found some dimensions of holes are different on shielding case of mobile phones boards, and their locations are different . I know it deponds on wavelength of interested , but why some are a little biger and others a little smaller? Could u tell me the reasons?
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    How to input a s9p file to ADS2003A?

    s1p ads2003a I have a file which is s9p format , I like to simulate on ADS2003A , but i found only s1p-s6p in the ADS2003A , now how can i do it?
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    Sensitivity improve on Slide-phone

    I have a slide-phone with inside antenna , but GSM sensitivity is only -90dbm through the radiation , i also found FPC could improve it about 3dB through outside GNDing . Could u help me and give me some adivse or suggestion to hoe to improve it.thanks
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    How to import a file of LP for PA into the ADS2003A?

    I want to simulate on PA , and I get its LP file.How to import it into the ADS2003A?
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    how to import PA's LP file from ADS2002?

    how to import PA's LP file from ADS2002?
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    how to match a bluetooth module on a GSm phone?

    how to match a bluetooth module on a GSm phone? Do u have some experiences on layout or something else about it? thanks.

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