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    How to create .lib file for my analog macro?

    When I finish analog layout and simulation, I'll want to create .lib to designer. Anyone can tell me which tools can do it. Thanks.
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    How to reduce power in back-end flow?

    I'm a back-end engineer. Anyone can tell me how to reduce power in back-end flow? And some tools? Thanks.
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    help: how can I do in Astro follow with 0.13um process

    Any one can tell me there are what differences between 0.13um and 0.18um, when I run Astro. :DThanks.
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    Why is the timing-report difference between Astro and PT

    In one my case, timing check is met in Astro, but have violations in PT. Anyone can tell me why is the same instance's inc-time close to twice in PT's timint-report than Astro's ? :cry: How can I do to approach the timing-reportbetween Astro and PT? Thank you veryvery much!
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    different skew report between Astro and PrimeTime

    astro skew report Hello eveybody,I have a difficulty: In one case, Astro's skew report is very good (0.2n). But We use SDF(from Astro) and SPEF(from Astro and StarRC) in PrimeTime, find the skew is very big (>0.8n), that so ATPG cannot pass. anyone can tell me why? I should how to do? Thanks :cry:
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    Explanation of ESD and Latch-up in layout design

    about ESD and Latch-up I am a new layout designer, anybody can explain about ESD and Latch-up, or recommend books. Very thanks
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    Why is the timing report difference between Astro and DC

    In one case, I found the components of the timing path (same star point, same end point) is difference between Astro's timing-report and DC timing-report. Anyone can tell me why? Thanks

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