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    Speech recognition from listbox

    Dear helpers, I need help in how speech recognition in vb6.0 can recognize word from listbox from other form..... coz i have add command in listbox now i wn recognize it.. hw cn make it???? help me :|
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    Please check my error in coding

    dear helpers, Hi i nit help some vb6 expert...anyone can check for me the coding below... it are the code set D1 goes high for Open button... im not sure whether D1 set for goes high or not for this button....please check and give solution for me? :| Private Sub Open_Click(Index As Integer)...
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    Set timer to control DC motor in vb6.0

    Hello im using DC motor with parallel port for open door system..... anyone know how to set timer to control speed of DC motor. Please be refer scenario below: Open Button: D1 goes high then set timer to rotate forward while control it speed for few seconds Close Button: D1 goes...
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    How to detect word from textbox by speech in vb6.0

    Dear helpers, Anyone how to detect/recognize the word which user enter in textbox from another form by windows speech..... if do u have any other alternative to recognize word from textbox by speech also welcomed..... please help me in VB 6.0..... thank you... :???:
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    Control Stepper motor with parallel port

    Dear helpers, I need help to code in vb6 that D1 of parallel port goes high then stepper motor have rotate forward to open door.... then D2 of parallel port goes low then stepper motor have to rotate reverse to close door...... how can make it in vb6.0..... i got references in C, VB.net but i...
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    How to detect and recognize user command from database

    Dear helpers, Please guide me on how to retrieve data by speech command from microsoft access database. The data is retrieved by windows speech recognition............ example: I stored password "Hello" in database, after that when i run the system, i need to say "Hello" & it must be verified...
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    Parallel configuration upon to port....help me

    Hi friend, Here im Saathis, i need some one help to set parallel port upon to speech command..... how to set parallel port that D1 goes to high to activate motor to open door & D2 goes to low to activate motor to close door.... im implementing this project in win 7 OS..... help me thank you i...
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    How to implement digital signal processing for speech project

    Dear friends, Here I'm Saathis. Currently I'm doing my final year project. Below are detail n help i needs.... Information: The system name is Speech Door Access System. user have to register before use. After register they must use provide password to access door. User have speech password...
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    How to use recordset?

    Hi friends, i'm saathis regards my project. I'm doing speech door access system in vb6. So it need sound database to stored user password which later can used to access door. Plase some expert in VB6 guide me how to create sound database by using recordset and microsoft access and how to...
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    how to create sound database

    Hi im saathis, regards my final year project.. I'm doing speech door access system which connect database... user need register.. thn thr need speech thr saved password via microphone thn it will check in databsase... Finally door will be release by magnetic coil... Platform: VB6 Database...
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    [Urgent] Need VB6 expert guide????

    Dear friend, Hi got any1 VB6 expert because currently im work my final year project on VB6. My system is speech door access system. It based speech project. In my design there is recognize form which user select open button to proceed open process. If open button select user ask to speech their...
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    Can i used Parallel port convertor

    Hi friend due to my project, i have suffering with problem which my laptop not have parallel port. I have only external display VGA port only but i gt USB port. So i wn clear my doubt if i bought USB convertor to parallel port, is it possible i can done speech recognition project? Any other...
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    How to interface & communicate between Programming in PC with the circuit of system?

    How to interface & communicate between Programming in PC with the circuit of system? Hi i have big doubt due to connection between the circuit and the programming in PC. I'm doing speech door access system which user need speech their password in microphone then after the verification process...
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    Speech Door Access System by controling PC

    Hi friends it me saathis, regards my final year project im doing speech door access system as my final year project. It could make big problem when i try 2 connect with hardware which involve electrical term. It not work. So now im here to ask some one help how to control the system by telling...
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    Speech recognition for secured door entrance

    Hi friends, Currently im doing final year project in matlab. The project is secured door entrance which particular voice only can be enter to the door. Since, im 0 knowledge in matlab anyone can help me to give suggestion in designing interface. What toolkit should i use to do this project...
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    Please help me to complete my project

    Hi Friends, I'm here final year student doing E-Speech Door Access System. I'm implementing the prototype in visual studio 2008. Now i really do know in this part: How to send the password that we speech via microphone into circuit? How to send the voice signal from my parallel port? What...
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    How to create LED signal in GUI

    Here im saathis regards my final year project e-speech door access system. After the client have recognize their voice in speech i want make it green light on GUI. If it failed red light will be show. How do it? Any one have any references regards this.... help me :?
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    Electromagnetic lock driver

    Hi friends, Im Saathis here asking you a small doubt about electromagnetic lock driver which will order magnetic lock to open the door after voice recognition done in the system. So, here i do know how to implement or build or buy electromagnetic lock driver? If any really know about it please...
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    Need help in constructing my final year project

    Hi friends, Here im Saathis, now I'm doing final year project which using voice to open the door. Prototype for this system will be implement in Visual Studio then there is hardware part which involve magnetic lock driver which will send the signal to magnetic lock to release the magnetic to...

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