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    [Moved] How to reduce the time for fclose() in keil

    Hi all, I am working on LPC 2148 with SD card interface, for my application i need to log the data in SD card for every 20ms, Hence i open my log file for each updates,it takes less time but for closing the file it takes more than 60ms, so there is a chance of missing logs on my file. Is there...
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    [SOLVED] LPC2148 with SD card fclose issue

    Hi all, I am successfully integrating SD card with LPC2148. Am able to read write data in .txt, .csv files. While opening and closing of file it takes too much time, fopen() takes 8ms, and fclose() takes around 68ms. Its too over for my application for writing the content it just takes the...
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    Interfacing of Rotary_Encoder with LPC2148

    Hi all, I am working with Rotary Encoder model number ALPS EC11E09244BS, interfacing with LPC2148,I got a pattern in LCD as 00,11 between these state a small transition occurs while changing state from 00 to 11 its changes from 01 and 11 to 10. But these are get in slow transition only. my...
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    LPC 2148 IAP (Accessing RAM as ROM)

    Hi all, I am going to use IAP in LPC2148. Hence i need to program in RAM as ROM. How to configure 8KB ROM FROM 32KB RAM. Is this possible to access RAM as ROM. I want to store some log in this. So i need help for accessing this. Thanks in advance, Ganesh K
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    [ARM] LPC2148 RTX-SD/MMC interface

    Hi all, I am working on SD card with LPC2148 in RTX-Flash system, i am using NEX-robotics board it communicate via SPI0 but the RTX uses SSP in demo codes. I have changed the demo coding to SPI0 for the configuration, I have attached my changed file and original demo code with this. Can anyone...

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