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    Where can I find Win XP DDK?

    I'm a new learner of writing driver, but I using WIN XP OS and I don't have WIN XP DDK. I've WIN 2000 DDK, but i don't know what difference between the twos. Does anyone know whether I can use WIN 2000 DDK in writing driver in Win XP? or where I can get WINXP DDK? Thanks in advance.
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    Does anyone know where to buy part?

    Sorry if I post this in wrong place. Does anyone know where I can buy parts (Eg. An2121, PDUSB12...). Because I live in VietNam and VietNam market don't buy many part as other contries. Another reason is I can't order part I need from manufacturers due to they don't deliver part with small...
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    Where to start using SoftIce program

    I have SoftIce program using to writing driver in Window, but I don't know where I have to start. Becauce it relates to many aspects, even architecture & operation of operating system. So, do I need study and have knowledge about these aspects before I begin wrting driver. If anyboby...
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    Need Schematic of Proview Monitor

    I'm sorry if i post this at wrong place. I truly need schematic of Proview monitor, but I can't find it anywhere. Do anybody instruct me where to get it. Thanks and expecting your reply. Moved to service manuals /Cluricaun
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    Need Schematic of Proview Monitor

    I'm sorry if this post is in wrong place. But currently, I truly need schematic of Proview monitor, I can't find this at any other sites. Can any body tell me where I may get it. Thanks and expecting your reply.[/b]
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    Looking for books on how to design USB device

    How to design USB device I want to design USB devices. But I don't know where to start. I heard that there are some good books in designing USB interface and USB device - such as: USB Design by Example: A Practical Guide to Building I/O Devices by John Hyde (Author) Is there anybody know about...
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    Hazard problem in digital logic circuit design

    digital logic hazards I'm have learned much in digital circuit, and I am facing with hazard problem in my design, but I don't have deep document about this field. Are there anyone having documents related to Hazard problem in logic circuit design. Please give me some advices or any links that...

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