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    serious silulation problem in Spectre ACPR, ask for help!

    I am running Zigbee ACPR simulation in spectre, i do the simulation as the RF_PA workshop.but I can only see the ACPR of the output voltage.How can I measure the ACPR of the output power? like the picture, the vertical axis is voltage, what I want is power. Please help me !Thank you!
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    wierd convergence problem with cadence spectre transient simulation

    yeah,postlayout analysis. In cadence spectre,transient simulation. I mean that the high frequency source is just placed away from the bias circuit, with two ends floating,having no connection with the bias circuit.So,I can not understand how cross-talk hanppen?
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    wierd convergence problem with cadence spectre transient simulation

    Hi, I am simulating a power amplifier(PA) with a bias ciucuit in the cadence spectre transient simulation, a separate simulation of PA circuit and a bias circuit waveforms are good, but when putting the PA and bandgap reference bias circuit together with no direct connetions, I find the...

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