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    Reducing Leakage Inductance

    how to reduce leakage inductance we have a full bridge converter with 35 v , 500 A output . we wanna reduce the leakage inductance of the transformer . Any practical advices are welcommed .
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    power mosfet data book

    mosfet data book Where can i find and download the book "Motorola power mosfet transistor data book" ?
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    REQ. MOSFET without body diode

    pmos body diode u can put a forward biased diode in the drain/source
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    Where can I find a free version of AVR Studio ?

    AVR Studio where can i find a free version of AVR Studio ?
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    Problem with repairing modem

    I plugged my internal modem in the electricity outlet .I noticed my mistake after a while but the modem didn`t work anymore . I checked the board and substituted one of the resistors that was burned . it seems that the board dosen`t have any other problem and when i install the modem it is...
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    Single phase to 3 phase converter

    does anyone have any idea or know about a high power single phase to 3 phase converter . the problem is that we have a 3 phase motor about 3 kw but our electrical source is single phase ? my own idea is to design something like the scott connection . thanks in advance Ali
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    What is the SCPI? Does 8051 support it?

    Thanks 4 your reply. Do u know any online manual about it?
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    What is the SCPI? Does 8051 support it?

    What`s SCPI? Does Anyone know anything about Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments (SCPI)? Does 8051 support it?I guess not.

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